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Date Posted:11-09-2020 01:09:54Copy HTML

The NCOVID Lock Down Prove CO2 Emission Do Not Cause Global Warming Climate Change

What are guys are witnessing is just the final result of the battle about CO2 Emission theory cause global warming, climate change or not ?!

The result is very clear, the answer is no.

What happen when corona virus lock down?
People stay at home, much less work, thus less CO2 emission produced everyday.
So the CO2 Emission in 2020 is smaller/lower than CO2 million produced in 2019, for sure.

But guess what?
The natural catastrophe disaster is stronger than ever, much more worse than in 2019, and 2020 is not yet fully up.

-Record fire in the Amazon Forest.
- Doomdays wild fire screen in California, USA.

- Record rain, floods in China where you got 60+ straight raining days.
- Record typhoons, storm in Korea where you got 3 big typhoon in a span of 20 days, while that nation got very little typhoon before.

That is the result you get for real life less CO2 Emission produced.

Climate Change is a too complex subject for mortal human can fully understand, let alone “gambling” in it.
It such as waste of time to debate CO2 emission subject for the real life result speak for itself.

The question now is which natural disaster you want to see and face in real life:
1. A sea level slow rising but can be predicted and see.
2. A sudden death disaster event such as super typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption.

Some part of the world sea level is up, but some part of the world there will be more living zone.
All you need is migrate to that new area.

But if you got sudden death natural disaster events like super typhoon,earthquake, volcano eruption, then you got very little to no choice.

The problem now for this civilization is that,most world leaders with big ego will most likely do not admit their mistakes but will fight till dead.
They are fighting to keep their "elite/leaders" useless title.

It is similar to the fact that I am the real world savior, but guys denying it.
When I ask who else can be the savior or what the savior in your opinion,you guys cannot give an answer but only said “the savior will coming and it is not you”. OK fine, you guys can continue live like that till your default dead.
Instead of admitting mistake and change, you guys only blaming others and do not open your mindset.

It is tough because after becoming “adult” people have little less memory space in their brain till their old age, that’s why it is hard to change.

The stupid non-sense corona virus NCOV event must end right now, if not you guys only get more hash natural disaster event never seen before, and much worse than sea level rising.

Stop blaming and craft other theories like the gods did that, the people in the lock down angry cause that, etc.

My deadline is still till only 15-09-2020 September 15th 2020.
I am not threatening with nuclear weapon.
I only telling you my future choice and action.
Whether I able use thought to command natural Gods is another funny question.

Remember that all the ancient prophecies telling you that only the savior can save you and give you the right direction in life.

It is about faith, but if you do not have faith in me, you guys cannot change your default death life from the beginning. Because the purpose of the life game is that you must change you, not seeking direct help from others.

I am only here to give you little extra knowledge extra option to help you find the right direction to escape the matrix of life. The final choice is still yours.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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