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Date Posted:26-09-2020 02:47:43Copy HTML

You Must Seek Solutions From Outsiders To Solve The Geopolitical Problems In Your Conflict Game

The fully 70 years Babylon prophecy is coming to an end, but then what?
Messiah Maitreya or whatever, it does not mean anything because you cannot verify the identity.
For at the end of the day, you still need working solution to end the international conflicts.

You guys in the stupid game like in a sport match.
The people who know and have the right direction is the one who in the audience, not the players in the game.

There is always working solution to "satisfy" every party and nations.
The question is do those people understand the basic objective of the life or not.
They can continue blind follow those stupid entities then die, or change their action for the "better, brighter" destiny.

It is tough for those "leaders" because they were taught that human was born to live and die, and their duty is do this to do that only.

You guys can continue live your mortal life, or seeking help from outsider to solve the chaos conflicts so you can help more time to think about other subject of life, especially ascension, evolution of your life your world.

The good news is that there is always working solution for all.
The bad news is that you must find it in the mist of illusion life.

But one thing for certain is that if you do not seeking it in all possible ways, you cannot finding it.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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