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Date Posted:18-06-2021 01:33:11Copy HTML

Words, Languages Is The Highest Level Connection Between People & The Only Tool Help You To Understand The Source Of Life

There are many and a lot of people who are denying me as the Savior Messiah Buddha because they do not simply understand the true power of words, languages. They do not know the history, or simply they are bunch of stupid people.

If you want to fully understand, know, feel the source of life, the source of all creation, the mystery void, you must know that the highest level of connection of all is sound, words, languages.
You do not born to already become an angel, that's why you must find your own way back to "heaven".
In order to gain knowledge wisdom, you must using words, sound, languages to fully feel, know the source of all creation, there is no any other alternative way.

The "words, languages" was described on the same level as "The Way/Source Of Life" in the first few lines of the legendary book "Tao Te Ching" (by Laozi).
Why Gautama Buddha was only used words, languages to give out language wisdom, to "enlightenment" other people, but not super abilities, powers like many other religions deities/gods ?!
In fact the "words" can be phrase as "s-words sword", that is the little secret of language made by very high level beings.

But sadly, many people especially those come from secret societies/groups was and are still do not believe in me as the real savior Messiah Buddha.

They still think words is easy to made up, they want eye seen "proof" like super abilities powers.

If words is easy to made up, then why don't they try to give people who never read novels, watch movies, videos some money and ask them to write a great script novel.
1 zillion out of 1 zillion people without real life experience will never ever able to "produce/create" any novel at all !

If words is easy to say and not worthy to trust, then why so many politicians have refused to swear to take oath, why almost no any beings have gut to say something true big such as "I am the same level with Gods, Lord Shiva, Quan Yin, etc."

Without real life experience, you cannot able to produce knowledge wisdom through words languages.

If you do not treat words, languages seriously with respect, you will never ever able to attain the Nirvana State, and fully understand the source of life, the source of creation.

This message is for people beings who really want to know the secret of life, not for stupid low level beings who only care about "physical proof" or something like that.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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