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Date Posted:19-11-2020 07:44:51Copy HTML

Understand The Major Methods Ways To Make Money In The World Economy

Let’s go with the basic unchangeable stuff about money and economy.

How many way of making money in life?
The answer is there is only 2:
- 1 is no risk, hard work. It is all about do what the “others” tell you to do and get salary.
- 2 is risk, but “easy” work. Mostly involving in using your brain and make investment.

How many type of groups in the economic?
The answer is there is only 3: Buyers, Sellers, and the Middle Man.

Above truth is apply to all every single industries and businesses.

If you want to get “rich” and become millionaire, you have only 2choices:
- 1 is become top “player” on the field you are make a living (your job).

- 2 is become “smart” and make the right decision about investment.

Investment here mean using money to make more money.
Even “gambling, betting” is a type of investment, just like invest in stock market, forex.
Do you care about what stock is “good” for the world, for the environment or you just care about up or down ?!

But in the end investment is about “predicting” the future.

But guess what, the future is unlimited.
There is a future where the lottery number is this but there is also the future the lottery number is that.

The world in 2020 is giving all people from all nations the same equal opportunity to get rich and become millionaire !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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