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Date Posted:27-11-2020 12:53:02Copy HTML

Trump Lost Is Good For Him But A Disaster For USA Because Super Volcano Yellowstone Eruption Coming Soon

So instead of choosing a dragon to lead a nation, the US military have chosen a rat.

Instead of choose through a dragon world gateway, they have chosen go to a stupid disaster rat gateway.
Instead of choose a person with real life experience, they have chosen a only theory politician.

Time travel machine, technology cannot see the future correctly, because they are all decide by super beings gods.

I do not know exactly what the reason behind that non-sense result but it could be Donald Trump himself do not want waste more time, 1 president term is enough to get a lifetime immunity for him and his family.
But more important is that once the super volcano Yellowstone erupt, he can flee at anytime.

Overall, the USA is doomed and fucked with that result.
They cannot choose the "best" out of the worst, they must change the system.
But they do not believe in the Messiah that why they are going to disappear very soon !
I highly recommend you get out of the USA as soon as possible to save your life !

The Savior

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