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Date Posted:15-12-2020 01:54:20Copy HTML

Trade War Is Not About Economy Money, It About Human Intelligence Development Environment Opportunity

The on going global trade war between various nations is not about jobs, money. Only stupid people care about jobs, money.
From a godlike point of view like me: it is all about human intelligence development opportunity.
Most of you may laugh and do not understand above statement.

Human and people only able to increase their true intelligence by facing tough challenge, new environment, new conditions which they have never been.
The true intelligent is not about "memory, remember" stuffs, it is all about how you "solve, manage" things about life, it is all about control your mindset.

But in order to have diversity life environment, you must have various jobs.
But in order to have various jobs your nation's currency must be low enough so your people don't buy overseas stuffs.
Or your government must have incentive program or some "custom zone" without your nations where there is no minimum wage.

That is basic and easy understanding about trade war, I am not going deeper into human intelligence learning because you guys do not believe me as the Messiah.

But one things for sure is that you guys do not know any about gambling, about risk and reward.

I have said I can easily solve the global trade war problem without the need of any other nation agreement.
Just one decent big nation is enough.

All is need to do is have an additional system to the current one.
But no believe even though I have said "no working no charging".
You guys will never able get that kind of deal in most businesses in the world !

Just some words for today, but that is the final words for geopolitical topic.
When the government and those people in charge are too stupid, there is nothing more you can do to help the people, you need to wait for super volcano/earthquake/tsunami.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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