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Date Posted:26-09-2020 08:18:49Copy HTML

The World Need A New International Income Wage Index Based On Price Of Silver, Gold

Why use US Dollar or Euro when come to GDP, minimum wage, income for the international database index ?!
It is a completely outdated and flaws.

Now you need a brand new international income/wage/salary index based on price of silver, gold in each nation to compare society life between nations.

You should compare the top the most expensive city or the capital city of each nations.
GDP number are worthless and not the real number in many nations.

The only real number you should get is minimum wage per hour or the average wage.
How much money/income is enough to "survive" to "live" in that capital city.

The new index will be used to compare between various nations and have the most neutral view and maybe as a "tariff or fair living tax" formula depend your own thinking.

That is the fastest way to know the truth of life in all nations.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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