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Date Posted:04-04-2020 02:48:22Copy HTML

The War With Corona Virus NCOV Is The Battle Of Mind, Spirit, Knowledge & Wisdom

You cannot win the war if you do not know the basic rule of the game.

The “war” with the new corona virus NCOV COVID-19 many of you are facing are not original battle, it is the ultimate battle of mind, spirit, knowledge and wisdom. You cannot using “material physical goods & products” strategy or you will 100% lose this battle.

Now let me analyze the situation for you guys:

When you stop working, stop trading, which mean produce less CO2.

A “normal smart” people know that CO2 is blocking the sun and reduce Earth temperature.

Thus, the planet temperature during the “lock down” will be raising sky rocket for sure.

In life, what temperature of all form grow quickest? Cold or Hot?
The higher temperature, the more life form will grow including all kind of virus, plants, animals too.

So the action, policy many nations are using are just the trade off between “less infected people” for more “more dangerous NCOV”.

And at some point, the dangerous NCOV will grow to a point have ability to infect into all kind of water stream & supply for sure. And will that scenario happen billions people of planet will die of this virus for sure.

Even with 1 million ventilators machine are being built cannot help you guys.

That is the basic knowledge all of you the authority must know and understand.

The “lock down” and stay-at-home strategy must end before May 1st.
You must accept the the NCOV is just a new dangerous virus with higher level than HIV, Cancer, or SARS. You must face it in life, you cannot trade for the end of the civilization for the death of millions people.

If the doctor with “proper protection weather” can dodge the virus, which mean there is a way to invade it in life.

The mainstream media must stop this now, that is enough.

People must study and have their own choice of life, they can go to the party, do not wear mask and take high risk or to stay at home to receive zero risk, that is their choice, their result.

The Governments must stop all kind of this non-sense force actions by May 1st 2020.

And of course, I am still holding the secret and the absolutely cure & solution for the NCOV Corona Virus or whatever deadly virus on Earth planet. But I am not going to release it on the internet freely because I do not want any entities to stealing it like many history stolen. Law of karma apply to all !

So wake up before too late. It is time for the absolutely communist of knowledge & wisdom.
The Savior is still waiting.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Anyname
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