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Date Posted:07-05-2020 01:49:18Copy HTML

The Ultimate Purpose Of The Corona Virus NCOV Is Bringing Better Fairer Life For The People

Everything happen for a reason, and the job of “humanity” is to fully study and understand it.
But do you see many nations are fighting against each other for “cannot verify” origin of the corona virus NCOV SARS-COV-2.

The new corona virus NCOV could made direct or indirect by God, super deities or by mortal-man activities like 5G Network, GMO, artificial chemicals, climate change or the combination of all of that things. But who can verify it now? Nobody in this 3D Earth game, but you can only have a guess about it.

The current NCOV pandemic event have already unmasked a lot of “out-date” actions on Earth.
Like a national government can print a lot of money even though nobody is working, which is stupid and unfair life for most people.
The problem is not the money, but the mind set of the people. Print a lot of money like that do not and cannot solve the problem of life.

The slave “gambling” economic contract between employee and the boss.

The “must” law policies like stay at home lock down, do not allow go outside, must do evil testing, etc.

The list of that stupid actions are endless !!!

Do those people made rules laws are “immortal Gods”?
Oh no, they are just bunch of idiots mortal beings !!!
So there is absolutely no reason for the public people listen and follow their advice their words.

Now I am telling the ultimate reason and purpose of this virus pandemic from an “immortal beings” view, and it is going happen in the near future (less than 12 months from now).

It is the final graduation reward gift away from “above” for all nations have the completed the game.

From now, there will be 2 economic financial systems:
- 1 is uncontrolled by humans like the current one. No fair game.
- 2 in controlled by “immortal beings”. The most fair game life.

And in the new system,everybody will receive free “God” money and equal chance. No any authorities have the right to print that money.

Do you know all the USD, Euro are just tier 3 corrupt money, The future“Divine” money is tier 1. So all the millionaires, billionaires will disappeared overnight and nobody give a damm fuk about those having tier 3 money any more, for people will only chasing for tier 1 “Divine” money.

And only nations with at at least 1% world population and have a complete unique national language and independent land (no conflict with any other nation) are allowed to join that system.
But people from nation have unique national language is also able to receive a lot of global free tier 1money.

Better life is fairer and diversity life, but not “convenient” life like many stupid people are thinking.
The globalist ideology made by mortal beings where everybody must act “good”, do this do that is only cause more trouble and problems.
For at the end of the day, if you have billions dollar or 0 dollar but still die, then it is meaningless !!! So why not go unique and diversity and respect everyone so you “maybe” but most likely will know the secret of immortal life.

Many ancient cultures is going to be revived, the “colony era” has ended.
The new era is arriving. And you will see many amazing things happen very soon.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Christ Saoshyant Buddha Any-Name

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