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Date Posted:06-11-2020 12:21:34Copy HTML

The US Election System Is Outdated, The Top USA Administration Is Clueless & Too Stupid

The living environment always change, in order to survive, all kind of beings, system need to adapt and change. If you do not change and adapt with the new environment, you are going to disappear.

The USA is on verse of a total collapse both from inside and from outside, both come from humans and environment factor.

What the US 2020 Election is telling you?
Both the Democrat and Republic are the big losers, but still you have to live with one of them.
Both of them are lose to a group call “no vote” people.
Just look at the turn-out number. About 100 millions people do not even vote.
Why they don’t vote?
Because they know their life is still the same no matter what political party in charge.

What next?
Mail-in post voting without verification ?! What a dumb stupid !

If you want to know who is the real winner,all you need to do is to observe the crowd they are speak.
It is too obvious that Donald Trump won the election but how the hell the Democrat able to go that far ?! Oh it is obvious that they are cheating bigly. How the heck US Army and Military let that happen ?Because they give no fuk about US people life.

I am not living in USA nor US citizen neither, so I am speak very neutral.

If the USA really want fairer people life, they must to change the US election system first.
But how to change to adapt in modern era 2020 ?

Here is the idea from me the savior Messiah:
1. Have another option beside political parties as “No Hope, Need A New Better System”
2.Giving every people $100 to $200 who have casted the vote.
3.Only accept in-person offline voting people, no mailing.
4. The offline vote will take place via live computer where people need to enter their “coupon name” and select option. No need to sign anything, only click.
The computer will be viewed and access from any US IP, so the people can check and see.
All with some footage of camera but no face.

5. The result outcome should be determine and change better:
- Whoever got over 50% vote of total US population (including no vote people) will win the match.
- If not then go to the voting option, who got the highest number to win and play with the current “local electral vote” rule. So there will be a high chance the group “No Hope,Need A New Better System” will win. And then you will need to have a total new life system.

That is some quick ideas and suggestions.
Since I do not receive any benefit or money from the USA so I do not have time and reason to design the whole system for you for free of charge.

I did not posting anything for the last 30 days because your life your result, I do not waste time to waiting you guys realize me anymore.

We are living in the same world, but not really living in the same world!
Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah

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