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Date Posted:15-06-2021 11:34:45Copy HTML

The Secret Of Technology, Video Games, Movies, Digital Stuffs

The main core of all technology, video games is all about databases.
When you playing video games, it is all about the movement of "numbers, words" in the databases, there is nothing special and secret about that.

Most of so called "hacking" in the media is made by "insider jobs", rather than real hackers, for whatever purpose.

Do you know that there is a special secret of all those movies, anime, manga, games?
That is the hidden "portal gateway" to other words.
If you ask me, can human able to "travel/move" to that mortal worlds, then my answer is that yes, because that how is the human hidden abilities was designed.
But only if you able to "upgrade" your level of your own characters, then you will go to the desire world you want at will. Otherwise, you probably only "transfer" to that world after your dead !

No matter what happen, technology digital stuffs is designed for "mortal" worlds, you cannot rely on it if you want to live in the immortal worlds.

Technology should only be used for communication and stupid non-sense actions.

If you want to really "grow" you must stay away from technology as much as possible to give you freedom of self-control and self-thought.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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