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Date Posted:04-09-2020 09:34:17Copy HTML

The Savior’s Plan For World Peace: Using Mix Religious Teachings To Beat Corona Virus NCOV COVID

Many of you want to see world peace and less chaos, but the only way to make your dream come true is you must listen to me the world savior, if not then that would never happen unless you are immortal beings who have little interested in mortal human life.

There are many type of war conflicts going on Earth in 2020, but mostly only 4 types:
Tier 1: Religious War.
Tier 2: Countries Nations War.
Tier 3: Ideology groups about how to run the social life system such as Capitalism vs Socialism, Climate Change Global Warming, Vegan vs Non-Vegan, Black people vs White people, this that, etc.
Tier 4: Between people about what is correct or wrong, good or bad, etc. about certain events like a sport match, a scandal, a movie, etc.

For me the World Savior, all of them are very easily to resolved.
And the corona virus NCOV COVID is a golden opportunity to end the religious war, and tell people the true purpose of religions was for studying, education.

All what you need to do is 1 national government contact me to receive the perfect formula cure which is a set of many religions teaching will make body better off.

- Do the Kosher Food in Judaism good for general people, and better than the rest?
Yes, it does.
- Do eating like Ramadan event in Islam good for human body?
Yes,it does.
- Do cutting all hair like a monk in Buddhism increase your intelligent and overall health?
Yes, it does.

Just a few examples. The version will be announced to the public if have opportunity will be much better.

If you can resolve the most difficult one the religious war, thus unify all religions, then all kind of national war, groups war are easily to be resolved !!!

Many of you may have different ideologies about many other subjects, but if you want to do anything, you must first unify the people through religions. And the best way now is get behind me The Legendary Savior, you have nothing to lose, all I need is just one announcement from 1 national government !

Remember the deadline is 15-09-2020 September 15th 2020, I only listen and answer question at forum
After that timeline, even the angel/gods/deities come, I will still not going to help any nation unless a super volcano erupt, or any other kind of natural mega disaster occur.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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