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Date Posted:22-11-2020 11:24:35Copy HTML

The Savior Reveal The True Identity Of Satoshi Nakamoto And The Future Of Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin founder called as Satoshi Nakamoto is not represent a person, but rather represent a controller group who have connection with national governments.

But you should not care about that, but rather than understand the true purpose of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

The only true purpose of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies is to “giveaway” money to the people due to the fact that many jobs are lost because of machine, technology.

You can just ask yourself, what is the purpose of bitcoin in real life: basically absolutely nothing, just like any software, video games, etc.

The future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is very predictable.
The next phrase some government will ban/restrict bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the highest possible level, and give out every person a same amount of “digital currency” every month/year. The China Government already gave some hints. Why you waste time, energy to mine cryptocurrency while you just enter a zillion value on any currency on computer device?!

The price of bitcoin will drop below $1000 per 1 BTC for sure. Many coin will lost significant value, due to the“gold holders” cannot continue give free money out like that.

So be quick, there is still some chance and open opportunity for you to get free a lot of bitcoin everyday for free, but you must be smart enough !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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