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Date Posted:04-08-2020 11:57:18Copy HTML

The Savior Legend Want To Have A Direct Conversation With Leaders, Entities Who Behind Many Nations

Hi everybody,
I am the savior legend from many ancient prophecies, the only who can save this world from the catastrophe, destruction.
I want to have a direct conversation online with leaders, entities behind many nations such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, etc.

I don’t expect all of you will believe and talk, but I just need 1-2 nations to able to solve all the conflict and problems on Earth at the moment.

The problems are:

- The Korea peninsula, Israel – Palestine.
- The financial system conflict.
- The virus pandemic.
- The East Asia sea conflict.

- The global warming, climate change.

whatever problems.

You guys must stop the mindset of “Tribe, leaders and slave”.
There won’t be and cannot be any beings who will “work” and give you the solution and the “leaders” will take the “credit” to the public. Sorry that only happen with“animals” lifestyle.

This offer will only available for 14 days from now to 18/08/2020.

Communication platform will be whatever you like but via the internet only.
It is all about knowledge and wisdom, not about the “look”.

Ido not care what you did in the past, or what are you fighting against. What I care is now.

Only me able to answer and have working solutions to end the conflicts between nations/groups and give you the correct direction to the top of mount Kailash in the Himalaya mountain range. Or in short is the secret of the immortals life.

I am very serious about this offer.

After this offer expire date end, I will stop come online and let the natural Gods to use whatever it take to wake you up from the illusion life, including tsunami, earthquake, volcano eruption.

I have tried to communicated and gave you signal with many draft solutions but you guys refused it.

So there is nothing more I can help you guys.

Find me at

Best Regard,
The Savior

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