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Date Posted:30-09-2020 12:47:29Copy HTML

The Savior Introduce The New Final Ultimate Fair International Financial System 2020

This solution/idea/strategy belong to me the Savior many called Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha any other names. Any beings/entities/governments are required a special permission from me in order to using it for any purpose, at forum

The current financial system is outdated and have a big flaw which require “natural resources” in order to “insert” money into the system.

You can easily live without all kind of gold, silver, oil, gas, etc.

In all nations there are always 2 kind of products: domestic and foreign.
In all banks there are always 2 kind of bank card: domestic and international.
But in money: there is only 1 type of money which is global international currency.

So the solution for the global crisis is very simple: have 2 type of money currency domestic in-nation and international global one.

Type 1: domestic in-nation currency
Issued by local government/local state/local winning control political party depends on the situation of each nations.
They can issue unlimited amount of money paper for whatever purpose, without the need of any natural resources, or permission from any other nations.

Type 2: global international currency
Issued by the top national government.
This type of money currency is the one all of you are using nowadays.

The exchange rate and limited between domestic and international currency will depend on the supply and demand of the market. Even though it is unlimited money paper but you cannot cause inflation by misused.

The current problems around jobs, trade, money is because you guys want convenient over little bit complex but no trouble.

Ask yourself your family your friends how many days per year they go outside their local state local country and need foreign products foreign currencies.

If you guys separate domestic products services paid by local domestic currency and foreign products services paid by international global currency, then you would not have trade war, natural resources war.

Example in the USA:

They can have local domestic currency issued by winning political party Republican and Democrat.
They can do whatever they think is should be done for the people.
But there should be a quota limited restriction of exchange based on their own works.
They can have no tax whatsoever to very little for domestic products services, and income tax.
So you would see 3 different currencies in the USA: 1 international US Dollar, 2,3 is domestic Republican and Democrat Dollar.

But in China, the story will be much different when you will see 10+ domestic currencies by various tribes, former dynasties.

That is the brief solutions to solve the current crisis.
Even if the USA using it without prior agreement with any other nations, the China or gold-holder groups/entities cannot counter it for sure.

If you want to have a reflect nature life picture of the current global financial war between nations,then the best one is all nations are chasing for the river water in a big ocean one, they forget that there is also swimming pools, lakes which is much easier to created, used and maintained.

Don’t forget to receive my special permission for this solution from me the savior at forum

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Whatever-Name

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