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Date Posted:15-07-2020 02:02:41Copy HTML

The Proxy War Coronavirus NCOV Only End With The Help From Me The Savior Messiah Buddha

I am the legendary savior from many ancient prophecies.
I am holding the cure solution for everything.
If the current corona virus was real and was organic cause by nature, it must be more deadly and cause more casualty than the Spanish Flu 1918.
If the pandemic is true, then why no any governments, organizations contact me who claim have a perfect cure solution for the virus few months ago ?!

But the truth is that after several months, many “celebrities” got positive infected but still stay alive !
And the death number around the world still not higher than the total death number before the virus pandemic appear on the media.

So it must be a real proxy war between various groups/nations.

What is that war?
It must related to the money, financial, natural resources and could be how to manage run the “civilization” on this planet Earth.

Money is the metric to determined how much the people contribute to the society.
But at the present moment, the US Dollar come from a nation with less than 4% of world population USA, but have around 50% (out of 100%) of total world currency circulation.

It was abused and is a tools for various corruption, crimes.
It like a slave tool, many people from many nations are chasing for it, even though the products coming out of the USA is very little compare to the rest of the world.

Asa whole society, you must compare the contribution at present moment, you cannot said and argue because of “fake freedom” & “fake democracy”, whatever.

The slave US Dollar must end now!

Because the solution is a very sensitive subject, so I am not going to post and share it online.

But if you want to liberate your nation from the slave US Dollar and have a better fairer trading system, you can easily do it.
All you need to do is to seeking help from me The Savior Legend Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Buddha Anyname.

I have fully understand the financial system, and know what is a big loophole, weakness of this current money paper.
Frankly, most of the troubles and world conflict because of this big loophole, but not because of anything else you guys are fighting for.

If you guys do not seek help from me, but decide to do on your own, then do not ask why receive natural catastrophe like the current record floods in China or potential volcano eruption, etc.

Warning message time is over, it time for the Gods do their job.
Even if I telling you guys that I am indirectly control the weather, you guys would never believe it !

So enjoy and observe by yourself !

Without me, you guys cannot come out of this endless trap matrix, or have the perfect solution to solve the problems between various groups and nations.
The troubles is come from immortal beings, mortal human simply cannot have ability and talent to solve it.
Only the immortal beings like me have the correct answer.

Wake up before too late !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Udumbara Flower Buddha Anyname

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