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Date Posted:20-08-2020 12:31:20Copy HTML

The Perfect Divine Condition For World Peace Is New Smaller Piece Nations

If you really want the world have peace the you must know what is the correct divine condition to fight for, so you can easily overcome any kind of evil entities,deities.

Many secret societies, organizations are wasting their time, fighting without the correct objective goal. That is why you have the world is chaos mode in 2020 where many national leaders have moral level below animal beings !
I am not going to describe it anymore for the real life fake virus pandemic event speak for itself.
If it was for education people then it must come with different direction already.

What is the divine condition for world peace?
The correct one must be true not just in the year 2020 only, but in any timeline throughout history as well.
And that one is “piece” nations !
Peace and Piece, it is quite similar, and that is the way to go.

Now, why don’t you craft theory about smaller piece nations when a world instead of have only around 200 nations but instead we have 1000 nations.

The reason we had physical weapon wars in history and economic/information war in modern era 2000s is because the people who in charge of many big nations have too much power and have too little enemies. That’s why the ego and the human DNA come into effect.

So if the west, or the east or any kind of entities/societies really want world peace, they must change many objectives such as “human rights”, “economy” to “smaller piece nations”.

Many of you may ask what is a size of a piece nation?
The answer is that 1 language 1 nation but must come with free will volunteer not by force, that is the way to go and not to go.

The USA can start with rebrand their nation as a Union like the European Union, where each states will become smaller nations with more rights. The same go to the China, Russia, India as well.

I am not going to debate with any of you for above is the perfect Divine Condition for real truly world peace.
You do not argue and craft theory why the sun appear in the day and why the moon appear at night, because they are the fact from the creation.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha Whatever-Name

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Re:The Perfect Divine Condition For World Peace Is New Smaller Piece Nations

Date Posted:07-09-2020 09:00:41Copy HTML

Wow, current populations are definitely NOT conditioned to think this way. Thank you for sharing these insights with the public!
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