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Date Posted:11-02-2021 04:54:56Copy HTML

The Only Working Solution To End World Chaos Conflict Is Having A New Real Democracy Society System

No matter what tools, tricks the “controllers” are trying to do, they cannot “control” the people for that how the “Creators” have setup and installed at the beginning.
The only road way you guys must choose is follow that way of life.
So what is that?
Which is give power back to the people.

If you look at history last 5000 years till today, you can see some society systems:

1. King Queens Royal Families
This society type people have no choice but must obey the order.
No democracy, no real choice of living.

2. Voting Political Party
This is a fake democracy because the power at the end still in hand of small group people.
People give hope in those people like gambling, not a real choice.
Fake democracy, little choice of living.

Till now the year of 2021, that is how most government and society operating and running.
The next upgrade and new society system will be and must be like this:

3. Direct Choice Of Living
Where people still voting, but the power of the top government will be reduced significantly while the power of local state/government will be increased.
Real democracy, a lot of choice, but you must take self responsibility.

If you wonder what is “power” and how the new system will played out, then my only answer is that you can only see and understand it when some immigration nations like USA, Canada, Australia introduce new political party/states/territories and allow people to choose, as long as how the money was printed and distributed.

Whether is happen now or many years after today is all up to the people, not by any gods/deities.
All I can help is giving strategy, options for you guys to choose from.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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