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Date Posted:09-02-2021 07:08:48Copy HTML

The Next Evolution Of Government & Society System Will Give People More Choice To Live

The main problem of the current civilization is lack of choice. People do not have choice to choose what society system they want to live in.
At the moment there are only 2 type of government systems:
- 1 is King & Queen where people obey the rule set by royal families.
- 2 is Political Party voting where people vote to choose their leaders.

Some people may “like” that and agree to live in those systems, but many are not, that’s why you see chaos, protest everywhere.

The major problems of those two system is that policies/laws are making like “gambling”, and base on those law makers opinions/situation rather than the rest agreement, whether is “correct” or “wrong” is another question. But ultimately, people have absolutely no right to either accept with that policy or not.
Basically a small group of dictators lead the rest.

So it is just matter of time for the next revolution in political government & society system.
And the up-to-date government system must be give people more choice to live in.
It must not left or right ideology, it is only “suitable” or “unsuitable” policy for the people.

The central top government will have less power, and it will be transferred to the local groups.

I am do not get paid to help you guys, so you guys must wait for super volcano eruption to wake up your leaders.

I am not mortal humans like most of you so I can only give you some offer and ideas via the internet, whether you agree or not it is up to you, for I am live in my world and you are living in your world. We are not living in the same whole Universe world, just only little bit of Earth only.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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