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Date Posted:07-09-2020 08:51:37Copy HTML

The Islam Teachings Do Have Vaccine For Corona Virus NCOV COVID & People Are Using Without Aware It

The truth is that most people in this whole world are currently using some part of hidden teachings from Islam region to combat the corona virus NCOV COVID, without knowing or aware of it.

What are they?
Wearing face mask and wash hand often.

Now why don’t you look at some major Islam teaching and analyzing it.

1. Pray
Muslim people are required to wash hand, feet and face before pray !
Why don’t they just go straight to pray doing washing stuff like many other religions ?!
The only answer is that to wash off virus.

2. Woman wear burka
Why woman need to wear burka all their face ?!
The answer is to protecting their skin from environment and protect from virus as well.

The face mask most people are using is just another minimize version for burka.

So now do you know some hidden teachings in Islam ?!
Not fully yet.

What is a vaccine?
Most people do not know and understanding it correctly.
Vaccine is similar do “doping” in sports, which give you higher chance to win against your enemy.
But can it prevent 100% ?
Of course not !

Just look at “flu vaccine”, can it prevent you from cough?
The answer is no.

Just like USA Basketball, Baseball team go against the rest of the world with “doping” handicap, there is no chance for other national team can compete against.

The current propaganda COVID vaccine or any other virus vaccine are just pure scam !

So the vaccine is just whatever additional support can help your body have better chance to fight against virus, but not guarantee at all !

Just like you can fight some small amount of virus, but if it goes to some kg or pound of virus straight in your face, then no any “vaccine” can help you !

Do you know the Islam also have natural vaccine for corona virus NCOV COVID as well ?
Yes you heard it right.
And they are the fasting method.
Why there is a special famous Ramadan event of fasting and there are many optional fasting day in Islam ?

Because they are a natural vaccine, which is help your body better stronger.
If you want to verify, then just ask people what they feel after fasting, especially last 15 day in Ramadan, compare to their normal daily life.

So if you want to have better chance to win against any kind of virus then fasting like the Ramadan or whatever kind of fasting in other religions.

That is the best natural vaccine you can get to boost your overall health.

Only the savior Mahdi can have some favorite words for Islam like

But if the Islam and Muslim people want to their religion go farer like prophecy, they must tell their Authority/Government/Monarchy to contact me at forum,before 15-09-2020 September 15th 2020.

Without my guidance, there is no freaking way for Islam can get more recognized in the world.

There are still a lot of hidden teaching not just in Islam but in all other religions as well.

my time is limited !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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