Will Be Closed On July 1st 2021 & I Messiah Buddha Will Disconnect With Your World
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Date Posted:03-12-2020 09:53:35Copy HTML

The Hidden Secret Of True Human Race Identity And They Are Being Deceived, Lied To Via Many Stupid Beings, Entities

Do you want to know the true identity of yourself, of human race in the Universe ?
Then here is a special gift from me the Savior Messiah. Because it is free so something it take out of your life in exchange.

In order to have a fair metric for any character, any race, all of you need to is see and play some video games.
All races and all beings have 2 specific numbers:

- 1 is the potential maximum level.

- 2 is the current level.

The "current level" of each beings can be changed by each individual beings, but the "potential maximum level" cannot be change, for they are from the "Creator" just like the sun the moon exist on Earth are fact, not speculation.

The fact is that the "potential maximum level" of human race is the highest level of the Universe.
Whether you can gambling about that, you will always lose for that it is the fact.
Re-read history about the Gautama Buddha and a lot others.

There are a lot of secret about human races are waiting you to self discovered.
But that is the one thing I can reveal it to you now.

You are much more powerful than all kind of other races written in many scripture in Egypt such as "half human half animals beings" or whatever kind of beings with super-abilities like in many fiction movies or video games.

The biggest mistakes most of you are facing and doing is obsessed with power/energy/money and listen to other lower level beings such as guru, spiritual teachers, aliens or even some kind of other deities.

You need to understand that, your current level low because your "potential level" is the highest, that is the trade off.

You can only have beauty/handsome or be smart, you cannot have both, that is the way of life, unless you evolve like "God".

You cannot see the Messiah because you do not open your eyes.
You listen to whatever beings by causing Covid pandemic cannot help you, cannot hash the Messiah appear in life.

Even the Gautama Buddha said that "only lucky person can realize and receive direct teaching from the Savior Maitreya/Messiah".

Because the only difference between me the Messiah and you are is small but huge, which is the "current level", while the maximum potential level are the same.

You must remember that no any beings have higher potential level of characters than you in the Universe, including "God".
If you are expecting the Messiah appear and lead the human race on the mainstream media, then that would never ever happen because that is go against law of creation, law of life !

I am not here to save you at all cost because I gain nothing from that.
You cannot put your low intelligence level and think "above beings" will do like that.

Covid will hash the Messiah arrival but also the super volcano eruption !
But the Messiah is also on Earth, is also trying to helping you but you have refused me/him, so the end result will only be "dead and sorrow" with the super volcano eruption occur in near future !

Stop listen to any "predicting" because the future is always endless just like whatever you can dream from your powerful mind.

Your only hope is me The Messiah Buddha ! But if you do not open your eyes, then you cannot save your life and know the eternal secret of your character, and evolve to highest level and live like God.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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Re:The Hidden Secret Of True Human Race Identity And They Are Being Deceived, Lied To Via Many Stupid Beings, Entities

Date Posted:05-12-2020 03:03:52Copy HTML

If you wonder why after praying, trying this trying that, but still no "God" appear to help humanity, then the only answer is the "there is no any other beings above humans, so they do not have permission to help you". Why there are some words about the Messiah as "King of the Kings", and "Lord of the Lords"? Because normal human like most of you are the King. But me the savior Messiah is the first King, the one who fully understand everything about life ! I am not here to say hey you guys must listen and follow me like many groups are doing with orders. I am only come only so say you guys must take responsibility and open up your own eyes for there is no any beings above you. Disaster come, many people will die but many people will birth as well. The more you try to control the others, the disaster will come because everybody is equal ! Regard, The Savior
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