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Date Posted:20-06-2021 03:18:02Copy HTML

The Great Economy Money Reset Will Kick Off With Various Numeral Systems Return Back To The Land

What is the number 0, 1 ,2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 come from?
Oh after some research, I see it is come from "Western Arabic numerals".

Where is the roman number I V X ?
Why the Europe, America do not use that but instead using the Arabic system?
Don't tell me that those Arabic gods "force" use to do that !

Where is the ancient Eastern Asia such as China, Japan number system, the one start with 一, 二, 三 ?

It is totally rubbish, where is your pride, where is your culture ?!

All the so called economic money exchange rate problem start because they are using the same number system, for convenient but also create a lot of troubles !

It is the time for the local language number return back to the land.

I don't not get paid so I can give you an quick example of new money system based on the original land numeral land.

Tier 1: Group of nations using different numeral system.
Tier 2: All nations using the same numeral system.

Tier 1 group East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc.) using 一, 二, 三, etc.

Tier 1 group of Europe (UK, France, Spain, Germany, etc.) using I, V, X, etc.
Tier 1 group of Arabic Middle East and others (UAE, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, etc.) using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

The exchange rate between above group will be fixed based on the stable life of all the regions (there will be a fair metric system or none), update once a day to once per month.
1 Unit value of 一 or I is not the same just like 1 mile and 1 km, 1 C vs 1 F degree are not the same, thus must an new agreement on the exchange rate.

Tier 2 exchange rate between nations from same numeral system group will using the current rule, which is the "central bank top government" decide the rate !

That is pretty much a very good solutions for all nations !
More stable money exchange rate for all, better together for all.

Hey do not forget to makes few billions money donation for this crazy working idea from me the savior Messiah Buddha !

This is the best ideas about the Global Currency Reset GCR for sure !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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