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Date Posted:20-01-2021 08:32:06Copy HTML

The Global Virus Pandemic Are Showing That Separate International & Domestic Flight Do Work, So Must Be The Financial System

Few days ago I have talked about the solution for the new fair global financial system, which is separate the international money and the domestic money.
If you wonder and ask will it work or not?
Then all you need to do is observe and watch the current global pandemic.

Money is just a form of exchange energy between people, so as the flight airplanes.
If the current aviation system do not have separate domestic and international flights, then we would not have any flights between anywhere on Earth !
It is was only city to city, location to location, then you cannot restrict flights.

That is the similar problems with the current global financial system.
Each national government have too little “rights” about foreign currencies.
Imagine if the current financial system running like the aviation flights system, then you never ever have any kind of trade war, immigration crisis, currency manipulated, etc.

So the best solution for the global financial system is separate domestic and international currency, and use similar rule like the current aviation flight system.

We will have a great global currency reset, the rule will be completely change, most all nations will on the same starting point.

Divine way is divide to unify !

Don’t forget ask me the solution/strategy.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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