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Date Posted:15-08-2020 01:21:18Copy HTML

The Full Earth Society Structures Beyond Any Education You Have Learned

If you treat yourself as a player in a video game called as Earth Life.
How much you already know so far.

Today I am going to give you some real insight and enlightenment beyond any kind of education you have even learned and known so far, so that you can have better decision in the future.

There are 6 major tier groups in Earth in 2020:
Group 1: Sleepy public humans
These people only focus on wealth money gold, but do not know anything other than that such as the potential of human body, natural Gods. This group contain at least 95% of the population.

Group 2: Awareness national public manage human authority
These people are the public government in each nation who are having direct policies/laws and have access to all industries information such as real number.

Group 3: Secret global government team
They are do not compete with each other like the first2 group, but they are just a team and do some more specific research about everything such as secret space program, technology, human body, etc. But those information are being kept private and do not allowed to release to the public government, you can only obtain via your real life experience or via “gambling” in the endless information on the internet.

Group 4: The world human referee organization
They are the group who have no interest in mortal human life. They are people who have lived for many hundreds if not thousand year on Earth. They only do the job as a neutral referee for human affair to keep the game life less unfair and have a little bit interesting.

Group 5: The Master Beings

This group is do not give a damm fuk about group 4 because their level is way above. They are just want to have some fun on Earth and have a lot of secret teaching but most people do not realize that.They can easily control most public human body for certain amount of time, they can also heal or destroy human body with just a little twist, but not able control everyone at anytime as they like. Only below group 6.

Group 6: The Earth Administrators
They are the highest level of existence on Earth.
They are the people who can change the direction of wind, give rain storm floods, etc.
They have a lot of super abilities just like in “Journey To The West” movie.
But their main job is to protect planet Earth from others and only interfere to human affair when the life is too imbalance.

That is 6 society structures of life in 2020 you should know.
If you ever wonder why the “top” group do not have direct “control”over others.
Then my answer is that they either do not know which direction is the “correct” way to go and/or they do not have any benefits of doing that.

Just like you are living in a “top peace” nations who are watching stupid fights/wars in other nations  via tv, internet. Most of you do not give a damm fuk and some even want that “war” more violence to give more entertaining.

The group 4, 5, 6 do not really care about human life.
The group 2, 3 trying to save human from natural catastrophe but they do not know what is the direction !
They cannot “force” group 1 by law & orders because the Human Creator did an amazing thing and give direct connection link with the group 6.
If group 1 do not like it, then group 6 will cast natural disaster like earthquake, storm, floods or even direct “eliminate/killing” to any beings are trying to “enslave/control” the rest.
Because the group 2, 3 is only allowed to “support” not allow to control and treat group 1 like animals.

There are also many secret societies/organizations but they mostly focus on “stupid” things such as wealth and “out-dated” knowledge like ritual this ritual that to indirectly cause like to more chaos state.But some trying to save planet but all of them do not know how to get the job done !

The only hope is me the Savior Messiah Buddha or any name you would like to call.

If you want really escape and find the ultimate eternal life knowledge, you should study at forum and join that online society as soon as possible because it can shutdown at any moment, you won’t get any better chance to have direct communication with the World Savior and receive the correct answer for any questions you have in the future.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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