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Date Posted:18-02-2020 08:57:49Copy HTML

Hi all,

At the very beginning I have said I can force the top governments pay what I have promised on this forum.

Now with the outbreak of the most deadly virus human ever faced the nCOV Covid-19, that is golden opportunity for me to show my talent and give away the blessing like what I have promised.

I have a perfect solution to solve this epidemic, but so far no any top governments contact yet.

So if you guys want to get paid quick and have free time, then go to many online forums, social media to share my post.


- Get more member & attentions:

- About the nCOV Covid-19:

Here is the list popular forums, social media related to above topic online:

Cryptocurrency, Digital Work, Money Online, etc. :


NCOV Covid-19, Secret, Conspiracy, etc. :

I am quite busy so if you guys have any other worthy webpage, and feel free to share and I will update if they are really worthy.

But you guys can share/comment on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, weibo etc. or any your local forums or send message to your local government if you guys can.

What I need is just an opportunity to have direct communication with top government about how to release the solution safe, fast, easy.

And of course the deal relate to bitcoin, money, as well but that not important because the total money lost because of this epidemic so far on global level probably reach 1 trillions.

Feel free to suggest, discuss to speed up the pay out and save the planet from destruction !!!


The Savior

smhalwani Share to: Facebook Twitter MSN linkedin google yahoo #1

Re:The First Batch Payout Will Be Sent After The NCOV COVID-19 Problems Solved

Date Posted:18-02-2020 09:26:22Copy HTML

Hello , Savior As a medical studant i am really intrested in your method to treat this deadly disease and i hope your voice is heard... I'm sharing it until you are heard from the health staff and the people working on the treatment... Best of luck Regards, Samh
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