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Date Posted:12-12-2020 02:30:09Copy HTML

The Fake Corona Virus COVID True Test Is About Moral, Lie, Admit Mistakes

The fake corona virus COVID is keep going.

If it was real, then you should ask yourself 2 things:

- Which one is better between a "vaccine" and a "cure"?
A "cure" is some kind of drug will "eliminate" the "disease" after you using it.
A "vaccine" is a gambling drug will give you some kind of safety, not still not guarantee you will never got it.

In term of mass production:
A "cure" is very cheap because you only need to "buy/use" it if you got infected with virus.

While you need an endless amount of "vaccine" for the whole world population.

If this crazy pandemic corona virus COVID is real, then why the media only talk about "vaccine", but not about "cure".

Why there is no any group/organization giving big bounty reward for whoever entities able to produce a "cure".

You also need to do some research about number dead before the fake pandemic happened and compare it to the current world state.
They are not a big deal !

In term of spiritual:

The one who got infected with corona virus COVID is the one with no moral, who are lying about their past actions and do not admit their own mistakes.

If you wonder have any beings/entities capable of doing that kind of testing, then go watch movie called "Taoism Grandmaster", at the very end of that movie.

But depend on each case, you will get that either in a dream state or face to face in person.

Overall, all I can say and what you need to understand is this stupid fake corona virus COVID is must end without any vaccine, it is must end before the next lunar new year, it is must end in 2020. Otherwise, the big super volcano erupt is awaiting all of you.

Because there is no any beings "above" mortal humans, you are the "carry" player, the rest are just the support one.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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