Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:06-06-2021 07:47:12Copy HTML

The Difference Between Me The Savior Messiah Buddha vs Those Religions Gods Beings

If you wonder what is the difference between me the savior Messiah Buddha vs those religions gods/beings/entities, then this is the article for.

The Savior Messiah Buddha:
- Do not need anybody worship.
- Do not seek any power from others.
- Do not need those "King of the Kings" title.

- Can do everything himself.

- Can live without other help.

- Always prepare for both yes/no possibilities of life.

- Fully know and already unlocked the ultimate purpose of human life.

Those Religions Gods/Beings and other secret controllers:

- Need power/energy from others.
- Cannot live alone because they need "foods" from others.

- Have closed mindset, only think there is only one direction, this is right or wrong only.

- Do not know the true purpose of human life, they understand wrong about life.
- Think there is a being above them.
- Only think life has law & order, but it is not true.

- Crafting for super abilities, cultivate "divine energy". They are wrong because they do not know the theory of life yet !

Above is fundamental information you should know.
If you think there is law and order of life, then you are wrong !
If you think the savior Messiah Buddha will come and act like a King and give you order, then you are so damm wrong too !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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