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Date Posted:08-05-2020 02:18:47Copy HTML

The Corona Virus NCOV Is Harmless If You Body Is Clean Healthy But Dangerous If Your Body Is Dirty Toxic

The new corona virus NCOV is harmless, and they just acting like a connector, a leader or a King.
In ancient time, the King may die but the crown is always there for the rest.
That same rule apply to all the NCOV case as well.
You cannot kill the NCOV as long as the toxic and “ingredients” in your body still there.

You do not go against the corona virus NCOV, you go up against the team of many virus and the NCOV is the King/Boss.
So the real objective is the virus in general but not the NCOV !!!
Just like in real battle life, you do not looking for the King, you just need killing the lower ranking people, and then the King will automatic surrender.

The authorities, governments & the media are lying and deceiving the public people.
If the NCOV is dangerous then all people must get the same symptoms but why some people got this some people got that, some test negative some test positive even though they are in the same case plane.

If it exchange for a tiger or lion, they will probably get the similar deadly result. But with the new corona virus NCOV, most people do not. So you must think about that.

And the only truth is that the NCOV is harmless if you body is clean and healthy, and it is only dangerous if your body full of toxin, dirty.

In order to form a new nation, a King must need a certain condition like gold,land, people.
That same rule apply for the NCOV as well, in order for the NCOV able to “work” and become dangerous, there must be some kind of condition as well ! And those are toxin, surplus protein, artificial chemicals, etc.

Virus are everywhere,only stupid people looking and fight directly with the NCOV.
Smart people chasing for easier lower level virus and then win the war.
A naked King with no people around is mostly useless one !
People can only die because of many various virus but not a single virus one.

So do not fear the NCOV, you just need live good and have a healthy clean body and you won’t have any healthy problem.And what is a clean healthy body is up to each people, you must do some research and have your own experiment, stop hoping for the rest come and help you for even them cannot know the secret of life.

Best Regard,
The Savior Legend

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