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Date Posted:25-09-2020 12:32:17Copy HTML

The Corona Virus NCOVID Pandemic Is Bringing A Great Opportunity For A Fairer International Trading System

I do not care much about financial and trading system because I do not use it and do not need it.
But all I see about the corona virus pandemic is a great opportunity for a great reset of a better, fairer international trading system for the people, not for the "controllers".

Even though I called it as a international system, but in fact it is more about nationalism because you do not need to agreement from any other nations.

Instead of using tariff tax, you should use competitive local production tax or balance people salary tax based on the average income of people from other nations.

The current tariff tax system based on various secret factors and not good enough and completely outdated.

You do not need agreements from other nations because if you can have a great new thing benefit majority people of not just your nation but other's nation people as well, then you are on the right track of actions.

If you wonder do I have and can create that kind of system, then my answer is yes.
But the problem is that "releasing" here only cause more trouble than good because no any nations listen & believe in.

Life theory and solution do not come out of no where, you must have a great life experience, knowledge and logical thinking.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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