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Date Posted:13-03-2020 01:27:47Copy HTML

The Authority & Governments Are Making Many Big Mistakes Over The Corona Virus COVID-19 NCOV

I just want to tell the hard truth so hopefully they can change for the better, or otherwise many nations will disappear because of this corona virus for sure.

Here are the big mistakes of many big international groups & national governments:

1. Censorship
If you cannot face the truth and tell the real problems, but only cover/hide it and expect it will “miracle go away”, then you would utterly wrong.

First, the China covered it up, that is why is spread worldwide.
Second, the Western Government covered it up as well, they censored all kind of theory about this virus online. That is why their citizens did not fear and now is crazy deadly situation after the corona virus fully touch down their land.

2. Underestimate, Do Not Respect The New Corona Virus NCOV
I have said and warned the dangerous of this virus, but all of you were deleted my only text-base theory post. Now it turned out it all the fact and hard truth.

If any scientist and/or authority, government can prove my theory about this corona virus is wrong, I would close my websites instantly !!!

3. Listening False Prophets Instead Of The Savior
Many secret societies and governments know what the hex are they doing, many of them are listening to false prophet/fortune teller, etc. Instead of facing the hard truth.

I as the savior will never play encrypt message, only a direct straight forward communication.

You have more chance to survive if you listen to any entities can tell “have cure/solution” for the problems instead of rely on “safe choice” who only tell you “try, not sure it work”.

That are the 3 big major mistakes the authorities are making, if they do not change, then they will collapse and die because of this corona virus NCOV for sure.

The rich the elite, government officials will gone first for ignore the savior Messiah, then latter to the poor.

Hopefully, they can wake up and change for the better.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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