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Date Posted:01-09-2020 01:04:15Copy HTML

Public Cure For Corona Virus NCOV Is Set Of 5 Hidden Teachings From 5 Different Religions In 10 Days

The best public cure revelation for the new corona virus NCOV COVID-19 must be the one can bring massive positive change for the whole world society and life not just now but for the next at least 50 -100 years.

Without no doubt, it must come directly from religions for there are so many hidden teachings in all religions but all the people have not yet aware of.

The perfect and the best possible one is a formula set of 5 hidden teachings from 5 different religions which boost human health and overcome the corona virus NCOV.

You can easily take it from 5 most famous religions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism.

What will be the result after an announcement like that?
- Solve the virus pandemic problem and give people a way of self treatment when they have any kind of health problem.

- Tell and teach people that all religions is for education, not for war, not for comparing which one is the better. And there is a lot of sacred hidden teaching in all religions but humanity not yet to discover and fully understand yet.
- Thus, give people an another truly purpose of living and another healthy divine activity outside their normal business hour which is study and research about religions, and thus reduce “stupid violent” activity caused directly by many other toxic habit like video games, drunk, movies, etc.
- Will have better understanding about human life.
- Able to solve the climate change global warming problem.
etc. The chain and the positive damage of this will be endless, million words cannot describe enough !

It is obviously the corona virusCOVID-19 is made and orchestrated by some kind of super beings/deities and many world government, national government only “follow” that order.

So you can go and tell them that there is a perfect divine public cure from the World Savior all of you are waiting and looking for !

That is a important core framework, the full detail I am not going to giving out the public for free.
Because that is the job of those beings who get massive paid wealth from your authority, secret groups, national governments.
If you are the one who are reading this message then you can easily find the cure can be used for your family and friends at forum

Tell all the entities,governments that they are wasting time and are violating Divine Law And Orders. You cannot force people mandatory wear mask, do testing,wash hand, or even take vaccine, because everybody have their own personal world and self responsibility for their own life. Crossing that limit line, then mother planet Earth only cause more natural catastrophe disaster and directly to your and your family.

Remember the deadline September 15th 2020 at forum, what I mean is last chance is last chance, your nation your government can easily vanished and will become the "warning example sacrifice" for the rest after that time.

There is no better article about public cure corona virus NCOV SARS-COV-2 like this one for sure !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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