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Date Posted:21-05-2020 09:13:19Copy HTML

NCOV SARS-COV-2 Is Just The Code Name Of Global Fair Earth Life Reset Event

Humans can easily deal with 100%SARS.
What is the proportion of NCOV SARS-COV2?
Including around 70% of SARS and 30% of others stuffs similar with HIV.

Even with 100% HIV, humanity can live with that, so there is no any reason for around less than 30% of HIV can make life harder.

Overall,humanity able to live with 100% SARS and 100% HIV, so there is absolutely no any reason for a virus with 70% SARS and 30% HIV can cause trouble.

And the statistics and database last 5months have already proved that.

The media is controlled by stupid evils beings who have root from ancient loser families.
You cannot tell 1 in a million crazy symptom case and tell it like every case, but they did.

Frankly it is just waste of time to talk about that loser ancient families, I just post here so the Divine Beings can “destroy” whoever go against the Divine Way of life.

The problem of humanity is lack of diversity, lack of choice, lack of real leaders who really understand the Earth game.

The only reason “God in the Bible” and other Gods have created many languages and nations so the damages can be reduced. For the only way for any planet able to survive is follow the way of divide life. And that divine life is very secret, above mortal humans level of knowledge and understanding.

Back to real life.
Can workers receive wage every 7 days? No.
Can you order luxury brand car with manual control? No.
Can you able to “reset” life in brand new nation freely? No.

Can you able to decide the law, rule of life? No.
Can you have free money even just 10-20% of normal wage? No.
And a lot of other lack of choice and stupid life.
It not just happen in 1 nation but basically all nations on Earth !!! And that is not the Divine Way of life.

And this NCOV event is a great way to “reset”and make life better and give humans more choice and a really better life. But only if the “controller” and and will of the people strong enough.
But I do not see any hope of this civilization for the “controller” do not have any clue what is going on, they do not even understand the Earth game, they are living in a matrix world within endless matrix worlds.

The only way for you guys to able to “escape” this endless matrix worlds is to listen and open your mindset and receive the divine knowledge from me the savior Messiah legend, there is absolutely no other way. I have proved and given some “cure” for current land conflicts already,and I am very soon less than 30 days from now will fully unlock the cosmic energy storage and jump to other worlds and say good bye to all you guys. The “give back” gift have ended, nothing more to talk.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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