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Date Posted:02-05-2020 07:55:15Copy HTML

Many Sacred Religion Books Have The Cure For The New Corona Virus NCOV

Many sacred teaching in many religion books have talked and provided method to solve the problem related to virus. Example: the Bible, Quran, Torah, etc.

You should not wait and trust the science and technology for they are limited and made from “unripe” material called as metals.

You should not expect the “cure” come from the governments and authorities for they are not allowed to talk it directly even if they know it.

Fasting like Ramadan will help you increase health overall.
Going for vegan diet for certain amount of day will also increase health and your intelligence.
I can guarantee that the % of people got “positive test” NCOV infected mostly from animal meat eater.
Where are the real detail statistics, oh wait the Government and authorities will never tell you !!!

That is just few examples from religion teaching.
Instead of waiting for others, you guys better spend time do some research to increase your knowledge and health overall.

The Corona Virus NCOV is not evil but humans are evil for they only blaming instead of take responsibility for their own action.

Many sacred religion books are the gifts from “above” and they have much more real life knowledge than any man-made school education book.

Wake up and experiment the magic of life.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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