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Date Posted:01-10-2020 01:53:11Copy HTML

Key Solution For The Global Currency Reset Must Be 2 New Separate Money Note Types: Domestic In-Nation & Global International

Because that is the divine way of life.
That is the way no any entities/beings can counter it even me (unless using weather weapon natural gods).

The trust of people with politicians highest at their local council/city and lowest at the top for sure.
While you cannot change the "trust" between nations for their different situation and knowledge.
So you can only separate money type and do whatever you want with your own domestic in-nation money note.
The global international money notes will be remain like now.

But domestic money note alone is not enough, you must give power of control the money to the winning local political party/government.
Then whatever idea/theory they think "good" or "bad" for the economy will be witness with real life experience, not via only stupid theory debate battle.

You can have an absolutely zero tax for local domestic goods services including people income tax, but only charge some tax for foreign goods related entities.

You will going to have 500+ new local domestic currencies and various global international currencies, instead of stupid only international money notes like now.

I am very fair so I am not going to tell what you should do with your nations, I only give you the global solution for the economy crisis.

You can using it but must needed a special permission from me the Savior in order to using it for whatever purpose.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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