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Date Posted:06-04-2020 04:39:57Copy HTML

Important Corona Virus Battle Message – There Are Two Type Of Herd Immunity: Physical Seen & Knowledge Unseen

The UK, the Netherlands and Europe in general was and are trying the “Herd Community Immunity” strategy in the battle with corona virus NCOV.

But I am telling you the truth is that: there are type of “Herd Immunity” strategy: one is physical, and two is unseen knowledge, knowledge is power remember that.

So the West are using the first tier level of the herd immunity but they do not know that.
It is not enough and it cannot work out, for this tier 1 level only apply on un-change, low level virus.
While the corona virus COVID19 NCOV is not in that category. You can see there are more than 1 type of NCOV exist already confirmed by the stupid media scientist.

The West are correct about that strategy in general which is “herd immunity”, but they wrong about the implementation phrase.

The only right “herd immunity” strategy you should use is the unseen knowledge one. Where people will share their view, their opinions about the common enemy the corona virus NCOV. Then the correct one will be test and verified by everybody, while the false theory false assumption will be throw away just like “novel, fiction movie”.

There are only right and wrong information about the NCOV.
If it was right sharing information then it is great.
While if they are just false information, then why don’t you treat it as a novel or fiction movie.

But now the authorities and governments are censored everything, they think they know more than God. So where this virus came from, how it was formed? The Government cannot tell you but they deny very theory.

You cannot deny any theory unless you have the absolutely correct version one.

People cannot stay home forever, they must come back to work.
You must find the weakness of this virus as soon as possible. And the “Herd Knowledge Community Immunity” is the absolutely need and the only way to defeat the corona virus NCOV. The demo version of this one is at

Instead of rely on only scientists, governments, now you can rely on many others.
If they authorities and scientist cannot have the “cure” or a single weakness of the corona virus within 100 days, they cannot never ever able to the the “cure” forever. Remember this is just a small tiny virus.

This NCOV scale and can evolve, the stronger the host body, the stronger the NCOV become, that is why the type in Europe is stronger than the one in China.

I hope the Western Authorities and Governments read this post & take note .
The “Herd Physical Immunity” is not the way to go, but the “Herd Knowledge Immunity” is the right path to victory.

Knowledge is power !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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