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Date Posted:17-07-2020 01:36:51Copy HTML

If You Want To End The World Chaos, You Must Listen To Me The Messiah & Open Your Mind

Many of you do not understand and ignore my messages because my level of knowledge & mindset come from the Ultimate Immortal World, while you guys are living and only able to understand mortal stuffs.

It is similar to time travel, if you come from the world 2020 and go back to the world of 500 or 2000 years ago timeline with only knowledge but not any tools, machines. You simply cannot able to help those people by resolve their problems & conflicts.

Most of the public people only care about money, foods and sex, but not anything else.
Many of you do not even understand the reality and the truth about the world you guys are living, let alone able to know the ultimate goal of life.

You guys are living in a big endless matrix worlds determined by the combination of each beings actions.
There is a world have this event, there is a world with this lottery number at today but there is also a world with another lottery number as well, etc.
But in short, all of them are just the mortal world, the trap world within trap worlds.

The ultimate goal in life is able to escape the mortal world and jump to the infinite ultimate immortal world.

But in order to do that, you guys must able to pass the mortal world in advance.
You may ask prove it first or I will never believe in you.
You live for your own survival not for others. If you think the rich billionaires money people want more money from you, then you are an idiot. You are using your mindset to judge others which mean they are wrong. That why you guys have a big trouble & chaos world.

Oh, still too much theory !
That is the reason why I have posted offer to solve the problem you guys have recently such as:
- Help North Korea, Iran, etc. able to trade normally with the rest of the world.
- Help the USA remove trade deficit to 0 and have a fairer trade system.
- Help defeat the Chinese Communist Party many are don’t like it.
- Help the Israel people have their own peace nation with bigger land size.


Do not use your narrow mindset, your mortal understanding and think the savior Messiah must act like this, must appear like that.

I am telling you guys that even the beings with super abilities which some of you in secret organization have met cannot able to detect and understand me !

So if you want to end the world trouble as soon as possible, you must open your mindset, tell your desire and listen to not just me but whoever claim have the working solution for the problem.

It is a deadly mistake if you guys only waiting for the “Messiah” but do not seek solutions to solve the problems you guys are facing.

Do not fear this fear that for you guys are living in a “loser mortal world” already.
Do not live for others including any beings with super abilities, but you guys must live for your own.

Think, Talk and Action.
That is a simple 3 steps of life.
If you only think but do not talk and only waiting, then the “potential”actions (whether right or wrong) will never appear ! That is the way of life.

Only beings who have fully understand both mortal world & immortal world able to give you guys the correct direction to the immortal world !

Have any questions about any subjects, feel free to ask at, I will only answer at limited time only.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha Whatever-Name

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