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Date Posted:28-09-2020 12:46:16Copy HTML

If I Was The President Of The USA, I Would Bring Back All Factories Easily Without Using Anything

If I was the president or the king or top leader of the United States Of America, the first economy objective I would do is bring back all the mandatory factories back to the land. Because all kind of paper money, trade deficit number is just illusion where only the sleepy public care.
But from a real true leader vision, the most important is what actions what activities you saw of your people in your nation everyday.

The USA is top 3 in world population and land.

What mandatory factories?
Those are foods, clothing, housing factory.

But look at all of your wearing, clothing, most of them had made in China/Mexico, etc. which is a terrible stupid.
What I am talking is the most basic, low quality products most people are buying everyday.

The question is do the USA have raw materials to do that ?! The answer is yes.
But they still do not have mass clothing factories in the land, which is a shame.

The possibility is that:
- The USA government do not know how to do it, how to make that happen.
- The USA government know but do not want to do it for whatever reason such as their secret societies or their shadow leader chasing for illusion power energy and do not give the fuk about the people.

The US election is just an waste of time and can only deceive the sleepy public people. It is more about power grab than actual helping building a nation.

If you can bring back all the basic mandatory factories of clothing industry, then all kind of other modern electric stuffs will be the same.

Playing president simulation tell me that it is so easy to get that done.
The USA have enough raw ingredients to bring back all the factories to their land, without using any foreign war or the need of any natural resources.
You do not need to touch the international financial system.
All what is take is one single policy and one announcement.

The information is too sensitive so I am not going to share for the public for free because I am not living in the USA nor US citizen neither.
It is going to cause a massive geopolitical structure fight and change in all nations for sure once that solution and strategy to be announced publicly.

If the USA military and government really want to know that, then the only way is contact the savior at

The current International financial system is fine, but have a big loophole for you to take advantage of it without the need of any natural resources.
It is all bout knowledge and wisdom, but theory and solution cannot come out of no where, it must come from real life experience.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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