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Date Posted:17-06-2021 10:16:03Copy HTML

If CO2 Is The True Cause Of Climate Change So Why Ancient Lost Civilizations With Zero CO2 Collapsed ?!

The final result is what matter the most in all kind of argument.
If you do research about various different ancient lost civilizations, you will notice that they have far more advanced technology with zero CO2 emission.
Most of them using similar technology to generate electric like the today solar panel, wind energy, etc. And some far more advanced was using crystal, gemstones.
They almost did not use oil, gas like the present world today.

If you have brain, if you have common sense, you must wonder why all those "did not use oil, gas" collapsed and buried under the Earth surface?
The public may not have access and idea of long lost civilizations, but almost all national governments and various secret societies have access to that kind of area.

The decision makers and politicians those are promoting CO2 cause global warming climate change either are made up of idiots beings and/or just blind follower the orders from their boss.
And sadly this civilization is following the wrong road like many ancient lost civilizations.

To summary, all the ancient lost civilizations did collapsed because they do not use oil, gas, instead they use "advanced" technology and have zero CO2.

If those top national governments do not understand that basic theory and information, then they better vanish and disappear instantly.

There maybe other additional theory and information about that but the fundamental message I have provided is clear, waste of time to talk more with idiots beings !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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