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Date Posted:25-04-2020 04:35:48Copy HTML

How The Corona Virus NCOV Event Will End In 2020

If you can have the working solution for the worst case scenario then the “problem” will be solved easily.

What is the worst case scenario?
The NCOV or any dangerous virus can infect people through water, foods, and many millions people will infected everyday.

Stop calling those as fear monger for they are just a very possible theory, not ghost movie or fighting video game.

What would the government/authorities would do, what is the best solution here?
The only solution is that everybody must become the doctor and save yourself, because the hospital cannot cope with that. People must find their own “medicine”, own “way”to save their life.

Frankly to this point the NCOVCOVID-19 still a mystery and seem like a fake new to all people who not yet got infected.

Because there are over 150,000 died everyday, while for last 4 months the number people die because of COVID around that number only. So it is not a big deal for humanity, because we have over 400,000 new born every day.

It could be just a geopolitical move or something about the financial system or even just a “show up the savior Messiah please”event.

Life must back to normal, and everybody must take responsibility for their own health.
And the best way is to have an anonymous uncensored platform with no score no comment, so all the “right and wrong” solution can be heard and then each people will be decide and try by their own.

You must treat the NCOV as a novel virus, there is no any other way.

No any drugs, vaccines can work because the mechanism of this virus like HIV or “the beast from land” where they can evolve, while the made-in-house only work for stupid cannot evolve virus.

So stop lying to the public, stop trying stupid drug vaccine never gonna to work !!!

And you won’t hear more news about the stupid COVID-19 on tv everyday anymore, that is too dump. Because the problem is all the virus in the body, not just the NCOV.
Humans are treating the NCOV too unfair and only blaming, instead of facing the problems.

Life is about live or dead !
So the media and government must report and talk about total new birth and new dead, instead of talking about NCOV only. Stop lying & deceiving the people !!!

That is how the new corona virus NCOV event will end.
The “cure” will be decided by you but not by any groups/authorities.

Life must continue, everybody must take responsibility for their own life.
Stay at home or to massive testing do not help you become immortal beings.
That is the creator God’s rule of life in this civilization.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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