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Date Posted:01-01-2021 03:03:55Copy HTML

Have Faith, Make Donation, I Will Change The 2020 US Election Result 100% Guaranteed

To all Q Trump Supporter,
If you want to change the US 2020 election result (change here mean at least a complete new election round), then here is the 3 steps you must do:
Step 1: Have faith and believe me as the legendary savior Messiah.
Step 2: Make donation of at least a total 1 million US Dollar before January 6th 2021.
Step 3: Spread this message on social media, to your friends.

This is 100% guarantee successfully method.
If the current result remain and the Democrat took the office on January 20th 2021, then I will refund/return all of your donation upon your request.

Why I have that kind confidence and promise?
Because I am the true real savior Messiah.

The mystery of how secret societies, top controller groups work and running is beyond your normal understanding.

The time is running short, so all you need to do now is have faith in me and make enough donation of a total 1 million US Dollar via cryptocurrencies/coin.
The list cyrptocurrency wallet address you can see at:

I have enough tools power and can easily command top natural gods Earth administrator beings to do whatever I want if I trully desire.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah

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