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Date Posted:16-02-2021 08:37:23Copy HTML

God Made Corona Virus COVID So Do Not Try To Counter It, The More Trouble Will Follow
God or more correctly team of “Gods” are controlling the corona virus COVID event.
The purpose is to wake up each individual humans to live with more objective.
And more importantly have faith in the savior Messiah Buddha, but no any entities care.
The biggest mistakes all governments are making is trying to counter it with force rules such as must wear face mask, vaccine, lock down, etc.
It is only cause more troubles for all of you because you do not understand the natural language.
More deadly virus is on the way because you guys are treating them like an lion but it not that dangerous.
If the corona virus is dangerous then at least half of the population must gone by now !
Stop lying, stop deceiving the people.
The giant natural Gods is waking up and ready to destroy all stupid lower level Gods (who are the founder/leader of many nations).
You guys who are picking team of “lower level” Gods instead of pick team of the Savior Messiah Buddha (me) is gonna to pay a big price and will cost to lose everything you guys have in hand.
Soon there will be super volcano erupt around the world, especially near nations which stupid government such as USA and Europe.
I have given enough time for you guys to wake up and pick the right team.
But if you guys are too stupid and the natural disaster must come !
You guys have very little time and little opportunity left.
Remember the date I have said long time ago 03/03/2021 !
Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha
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