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Date Posted:11-12-2020 03:27:54Copy HTML

Geopolitical Keywords: Messiah, Corona Virus, Trade War, Stocks Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Global Currency Reset

Why 2020 is such a crazy year with many event, especially the corona virus COVID.

The only answer is that "they did it to so called hash the savior Messiah appear" (a speculation gambling).

Without corona virus, humanity still going but nothing change which is most all of mortal humans still die in the future.

But with corona virus, stuffs got more interested.

The global war now is about trade and money, it is not about physical weapon war anymore.

In the global trade war, there are 2 teams:
- first team want the to replace the stock share market with the so called "cryptocurrencies".

- second team want to keep the current system with little upgrade gradually.

The purpose of so called cryptocurrencies is must related to "stock shares market", otherwise they are useless just like video games.

But the problems it related to global currency reset/revaluation.

Imagine if some big technology such as Tesla, Amazon, Twitter, Google want to use Dogecoin to pay dividend or sell stocks for Dogecoin's users only, like they was and are giving out "signal", because when you are a billionaire, there is no freaking reason to invest in cryptocurrencies for waste of time !

It will much deeper and cannot-preditectable future and the market.

That is the best way to summary the global trade war between groups.

What is the right thing to do for humanity in general?
The answer and opinion is up to each of you.
Because it is not just about "money" and "rights".

Even I am the true savior Messiah Buddha, I am not going to waste any more time to give non-profit advice anymore.

I am already finish and conquer life, nothing more, whatever outcome of your battle, I can still live forever !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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