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Date Posted:16-04-2020 02:20:05Copy HTML Is Having A Working Vaccine & Cure For The New Corona Virus NCOV

I am holding the most wanted products you guys are waiting for: a working vaccine and a cure for the new corona virus NCOV. I can tell you that they are 100% made by natural ingredients like herbs, fruits & trees.

In this post I will reveal to you 3 things: the virus in general, the full mechanism of the corona virus NCOV and the medicine hard truth mechanism.

1. Virus in natural life
In general, there are only 2 type of virus just like the Bible said: the beast of the sea and the beast from the land.
- Type 1 “Beast from the sea”: This type of virus is weak and do not have ability to evolve and adapt, this type is most virus you have known so far in the public/media.

- Type 2 “Beast from the land”: This type of virus is very smart, know how to evolve and have “survival”skill just like animals & humans. Example the corona virus NCOV.

Once the virus enter human body: they are either stay or flush out of the body.
All virus are harmless if you do not “worship and feast them foods” !!!

2. The mechanism of corona virus NCOV
You can say corona virus NCOV is just a harmless virus, it is all depends on each human body.
If you treat this virus as a tree seed, then each human body act like a“soil”.

The danger or not of this corona virus NCOV is all depend on each person body.
All the “skills and features”many of you are seeing through microscope are just waste of time action. Because they are all random for each inside human body is not the same.

It can weak like a sand or strong like a beast with full the best combination features of all virus human have known so far in the public. It is 100% depend on each person, but not on the virus.

That is the real mechanism people should know,the rest about what happen after they evolved are worthless for they are all random !!!

3. Medicine & Cure in life
There are two type of “medicine” human are using in general: 1 is artificial chemicals man-made-in lab house, and 2 is is traditional medicine using herbs, fruits & trees.
- You need to understand that all the “medicine” made in lab house need a golden rule to work which is “virus do not know how to evolve”and “a stable environment”. This rule apply to all the vaccine,drugs. So this type of “medicine” can work only on stupid type 1virus “beast from the sea”.
Example: what and why the “side effect” some people have after taking vaccine, drugs?
It is all because of the human environment are not the same.

-The traditional medicine using herbs, fruits, trees/plants is the only way to defeat the virus type 2.
They are working base on overall human health system but not by the any “virus/disease”name. The herb neutralize the virus first to “harmony” conditions then the virus flush out of human body.

In general, you cannot really “kill” the virus once it go inside human body, but you can only separate it and hide deep inside human organ (like the artificial chemicals drug) or flush out of human body (like traditional medicine).

You can bet and gambling above knowledge and wisdom with any scientist, authorities.
I just want to show a bit of eternal truth information in the end time.
This kind of material is probably beyond public and private education on Earth, and it is “heaven & divine”knowledge lesson.

You better tell the governments,authorities quick about this article so the pandemic corona virus NCOV can be under control as soon as possible.

You can share this post to your friends, families as long as you write the original source.

If you have any question relate to any kind of virus and any other subjects like God, immortal, spiritual,life, etc. then ask at .

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