Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:21-05-2021 03:58:45Copy HTML

Do Not Put Hope & Wait Help From Others, You Must Take Action & Save Yourself Alone

The eternal world of all life is everything you can dream, imagine of. (Re-read those teaching from Gautama Buddha and wonder with real life experience and connect all the signal/dots together.)

If you keep following those hard-to-understand prophecy and follow any groups/entities even though a being claim as the Savior Messiah Buddha, then you are a freaking idiots and deserve to be die. I do not want to see any stupid beings like that in my world anymore !

Hey,where is the Messiah?
I am the Messiah.
Can you prove that?
You can ask any question, what question do you have?
I/We do not have any question, can you prove you are the Messiah for us?

How the fuk is that even possible, idiots? You guys can keep get deceived by other beings who are using cheat tools by asking some ghost tell you about your past life or stupid non-sense warm words, instead of face the truth and take the right direction now.

That is the best story can sum up the current situation on Earth.
All the national governments and groups are being deceived by some freaking idiots beings/entities/deities. They believe life have law and order and must follow others. Instead of listening and trust the Buddha and Lao Tzu, they are trust the things they can only see in your eyes.
They do not believe in the source of all life is “things” beyond the view of everything.

The last advice I can give any individual is wake up and save yourself from the darkness, do not following/obeying other beings/groups.

Of course if you are are old (more than 50 years) or have too little life experience, you will mostly disagree because your brain is field with stupid out-dated knowledge and cannot overwrite.

Remember following the “mortal” beings can only lead to “mortals”/destruction world.
Only following and listening to immortal beings can lead to eternal world of all life.

Even as the Savior Messiah Buddha, I do not want to be like a King and enforce the rest, for those illusion title are meaningless.

Do you dare to take a gambling till dead about whether I am the true savior Messiah Buddha or not ?!

I do not want to see those stupid idiots in my world anymore.
All of you who do not believe in my deserved to be vanish in my world forever and immediately!

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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