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Date Posted:07-04-2020 03:59:56Copy HTML

Corona Virus NCOV Strategy Corner: Stay At Home Is Defense, Herd Knowledge Immunity Is Attack

Do you know what entity is the author of the stay-at-home strategy many national governments are using? The answer is me. I was published that solution to slow the spread of the virus in January 28th 2020 at and have shared it in many online platform as well. At that time the people in China still have no clue what is going on and still allow people run around.

If you do not believe that, then you can do your own research or ask your government, secret societies, etc. a simple question “Who is the author of stay at home strategy?

The media and governments have no clue what is going on. While I know the enemy very well and I only telling you the truth, the real winning strategy just like the “stay at home” one, while the Governments are gambling your live rather than saving your live.

In any war, any game match, there are always 2 basic strategy: attack mode and defense mode.

When you use “stay at home” strategy, which mean you are using defense strategy in the first half of the match, in the early you have no clue what is going on. That is the best isolation tactics.

Many stupid nation governments doing the positive negative test for the COVID-19 NCOV, for what? Corona virus is not a lion, it can spread in air, in water. Mass test strategy is just waste of time. For the ultimate purpose of that strategy is just to isolating people.

So ask yourself, which strategy is better?
Stay at home because you do not have spend any resources. While mass test take long long time, and people would have all infected before you finish the test. And even test method many are using is just a pure scam, cannot detect the corona virus at root.

Do you know those stupid politicians thinks isolating and treat infected people can end this epic battle? It too funny and freaking stupid !!!

But you cannot using defense mode forever, you must “attack” the corona virus with real knowledge power. What if corona virus infect into the water supply, lake, river, then we would have the crazy chaos times with billions people gonna to die for sure.

And the only winning attack strategy is “Herd Knowledge Immunity”, where people will allowed to share their thought, their idea, their solution relate to the new corona virus NCOV.

Many secret government, secret groups who are researching the corona virus with their top notch machines know that “this corona virus is unpredictable, and do not have any clear pattern on all cases, the mechanism of this virus is base on each human body host”. And more importantly they are causing more fear everyday, where is the hope, where is the sign of light? Absolutely zero !!!

It was first called as novel virus, new corona virus NCOV. So you must treat it as a novel, where people will freely allow to post to tell any theory and “cure” they think is gonna to work, and let each people decide. No any entities have right to tell “God is this but not that”, so stop telling people they are wrong, unless you have a absolutely correct one. And the authorities, governments have no clue what is truth !!!

That is the public strategy and policy the authority must be use, there is no other choice.
I am not going to telling the cure on this blog directly and freely for many entities can steal it, just like the stay-at-home strategy the governments have stolen but did not even ask or give any credit in return.

I do not waste time to post useless strategy, I only post winning strategy for the entire game and the truth.
Who can prove the information I have shared are not the truth? I willing to close the entire website instantly. Oh nobody, because that is the hard eternal truth.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha Whatever-Name

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