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Date Posted:06-01-2021 01:23:13Copy HTML

Ascension Evolution, Human Super Abilities Power Are All Real, Only The Closed Mindset Is Fake

If you wonder can human evolve more, live much longer than the current around 120 years of age like you know, then the answer is yes. It was already written in some old sacred old textbooks, and it was being kept secret and being used in some locations on Earth, some small communities at very secret place in the mountains.

There are a lot of topic talk about ascension, human evolution, awakening, spirituality, super powers, etc.
But what is fake, what is real, what you should know, what you should not know?
That is a big big traps in the endless desert.

Making money is just an easy job, the hardest job is the “human evolution” one.

For those who believe in human ascension/evolution, then you guys at least have better chance to escape the matrix of life or escape the endless matrix than most of public people.

But that is not enough because in all individual ascension journey, they are not the same.
Do you know what exactly is ascension?
Or you guys just speculate it like “power, energy”, or trying some various stuffs like meditation, yoga, kunkalini, etc. without truly know anything.

If you cannot understand and have the right answer about the meaning of ascension/evolution, then you guys cannot find your own correct road way to escape the matrix of life.

There are a lot of people who do not understand that, was and are in the wrong “portion ascension” road.

The road of full nirvana ascension and portion ascension are not the same !

You better forget about receive any detail about the full nirvana ascension on the internet for free of charge, because even at the moment in the entire internet the only topic is ascension, there weren’t any topic about true nirvana ascension vs portion ascension.

Because nobody have yet reached the state of full nirvana ascension beside me.
Since I was in the both road, both side, then I know it very well.
That is the reason at only my person website, there is article talk about portion ascension vs full nirvana ascension.

The game of life is brutal because the “creator” did that. All beings must follow that rule or going to vanished out of this world this dimension.

That is the main reason I cannot post all the godlike knowledge and wisdom about human ascension/evolution to the internet for free of charge.

The best possible thing I can help you guys is helping each one of you the unlock your own secret of life road way to escape the matrix in the enormous desert.

But without faith, without connection, without fair amount of donation, without showing true desire I cannot save you from the darkness since you guys do not open your channel to receive help.
If you want to give a try and have faith in me as the Savior Messiah Buddha, then you can visit and to find out more information and learning new stuffs around ascension. And if you have not yet able to find the right track after trying a lot of other actions/activities, then the last best thing you must do is make donation and asking me of any topic/subject/question you want to know.

My time is also very limited and I will close the websites at any moment without notice because this is not commercial products services, this is the godlike service to find out the ultimate purpose of life for you and you only!

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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