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Date Posted:29-08-2020 08:44:14Copy HTML

All Royal Families, Monarchy, National Governments Must Contact Online With Me The World Savior Before September 15th 2020

To all the royal families, monarchy, national government and ancient families,
This is the divine order to all of you, fail to follow will lead to death and out of this Earth World !

I am the world savior legend in many ancient prophecies with many called such as Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Kalki, Christ, Saoshyant, Maitreya, Buddha, etc.

Only me can help the human race out of the darkness, for only me can fully understand Earth planet and the eternal God of all life language.

I do not care what entities, what super beings/deities who are currently support you guys behind the screen, because all of them way below my level. And the virus pandemic only emphasize that fact.

All of you must have online communication with me at forum before 15/09/2020 September 15th2020, to discuss and receive order about plan, the future of humanity.

I have provided enough evidence and proof online through a lot of eternal knowledge.
If you guys want more prove, then the answer will come directly with natural catastrophe disaster or health issue, etc, but when that happen then you and your nations your group are no longer needed !

You guys can contact any kind of super deities, super beings to confirm whether this message come the real world savior or not.

I am tired of waiting, and this is the ultimate end time order letter.
You guys cannot lead and help people, so it is time for you guys to either listen to me or be eliminated.

Signature Signed
The World Savior

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