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Date Posted:24-07-2020 02:01:19Copy HTML

All Governments, Secret Organizations Have Failed To Lead The Human Race Out Of The Endless Desert

All kind of public/private governments, secret societies/groups/organizations and beings who are current in charge of may policies final decision in many nations have no clue what are they trying to do.

Instead of leading human race to the correct direction out of the endless desert and head to mount Kailash on the Everest mountain rage, they are leading humanity to the see ocean just like the Atlantis downfall.

There are 2 key major important problem of human races:
- People are chasing for wealth such as: money, gold, silver, gemstones, etc.
- People are eating too much and must release out energy, thus causing a lot for immoral activities. And ultimately they cannot control their mind.

The nature Earth have given too much chance but those people in charge of humanity important decision all have failed from both East to West.
And the last opportunity is the corona virus pandemic.

They ask and require people to stay at home, but they do not ask people to eat less and even trying vegan diet for few days. Because when you stay at home, you do not need spend much energy like normal daily activity.

And the face mask mandatory requirement only show them dot not understand about human life on Earth.

Not just the corona virus pandemic, but there are some other diseases on animals such as pigs, chickens, cows, too.

They should ask people to prepare for the worst situation, to eat less/to try vegan diet for certain amount of day instead of the stupid uncontrol animals diet everyday.

Many secret groups, societies are either cheating or have no clue about human life.
Everybody have their own level of knowledge and understanding about life, thus have their own action language. All kind of philosophy, slogan, words via the media like “to live good, act good, equality, etc.” are just waste of time and are meaningless.

The only language everybody can able to understand is action language which must gone through real life experience. And the only indirect tools are life policies.

All kind of ideology, philosophy base on feeling such as equality, live good act good, etc. are all wrong because the only correct human life objective is archive Nirvana state or fly over mount Kailash by yourself alone.

If you do not know how to get it done, at least you must try to seek working solution from others, but instead they only causing more troubles with their big ego.

All the governments and organizations must step down and resign !

I highly recommend all of you stay out of all kind public, secret groups/organizations and stop following all kind to groups who cannot give out the correct direction to help you but only try to seek something from you. The internet is a great resources for you to study, do not reading gossip news in all mainstream and alternative media, all are waste of time.
You life is decide mostly by you alone. Stop chasing for wealth because that is the wrong direction,you should chasing for life knowledge instead because once you have that eternal knowledge like Gautama Buddha, you can have all kind of wealth you want !!!

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Maitreya Buddha Whatever-Name

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