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Date Posted:23-07-2020 01:36:56Copy HTML

A Deadly Loophole Of Global Economic Trading Financial System Last 3000 Years On Earth

Throughout history, many nations was chasing for silver, gold, gemstones, etc. and nowadays is money paper. But do you know that there is a deadly loophole/error in the economic trading system, which is the root problem of all?

That big error is using “will be expired in near future” goods/services trade with “never expired no matter what” goods. Expire here mean back with nature environment and not will be the same as original version at the beginning.

Do the foods like rice, wheat, fruits, or basic stuffs such as clothing,houses, machines, etc. able to stay forever in normal condition?
The answer is no, they cannot, at some time in the future they will become worthless and cannot be used.

How about pure 100% silver, gold, gemstones?
It is stay forever, cannot be rust/tarnish unless you mix them up with other rust metals.

So in history, if you ban the pure silver/gold on the trading system but only allow bronze/copper, steel, zinc, etc. to trade. Then most of the problem would go away.

Today in 2020, the problem is still the same like that.
You guys are trading for the unlimited expire date US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, etc. for will-be-worthless in the future/back with nature environment stuffs.

What if all of those US Dollar, Euro, Yuan, Yen, etc. have expire date from 5 years to 20 years?
Then you cannot have trade war between nations, you cannot have trade deficit, but you guys will see a lot of other positive things such as less corruption, less crime, more economy grow, more spending from the rich, etc.

US Dollar with expire date 2021 – 2025 and another set is 2026 –2030.
So in the year 2024, 2025. whoever have that money currency will have spend it before the deadline , exchange to the new version or it would be worthless.

And the exchange rate will decided base on the US Government by various factors but focus on US people life in USA land.
And you can have a lot of category like:
- People live in USA, people live outside the USA.
- People with US Citizenship and without citizenship.
- People with less than 1 million US Dollar and people have more than 1 million US Dollar.

That is just a great example but in order to do that, you guys must erase the so call stupid international trading agreement, so that each nation will have their own rights to do whatever they want, what rate is best for the people base on their opinion.

To summary, it is not balance to trade dissolve goods for the undissolve goods.
The only way to make it more balance is to have the new rule base on that deadly loophole.

Above is just a small sharing, I have even a bigger plan than that but I will not going to share anymore but I prefer to let the nature Gods to do their jobs.
I am already on top of mount Kailash, it is just waste of time and have no benefit to look down.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

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