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Date Posted:28-11-2020 12:53:52Copy HTML

You Should Never Ever Give Casino Sport Bookies Your ID Documents For Your Own Safety

You are winning too much, then the sportbooks or casino bookies asked your documents, for what?
What a bunch of rubbish and bullshit.
You win fair and square with their software, as long as you do not cheat or play fixed-match (mostly the heavy underdog won the match), then there is absolutely no reason for you to give your ID to non-government official !

The truth is that they want to collect your data for harassment or even killing !

The more stupid is those cryptocurrency casino/bookies one too.
Cryptocurrencies designed to be fair and equal, but they still asked for documents ?! But more correctly they do not want to pay the winner, want to only collect money by stealing others !

Bunch of below animals moral beings !

If you meet that situation then you should tell them pay your winning and you will never "play/make money" out of them again, or go to the public forum report that this/that casino/bookies do not pay for winning too much, only welcome losers.

Term Of Use are crap, since you are not the criminal, so no any business company even have the "rights" to check/collect your documents !

The best advice is you should pick casino bookies have no-KYC policy on their advertisement even though they have low odds, you do not play to win margin, you play to win the match, so as long as you win then little bit lower odds does not matter !

I have never ever meet a single sportbook casino welcome winner without asking for documents, including those middle man betting exchange websites.

What a crap below animals moral world !

Stay safe and save yourself first before think and care for others !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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